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ASSEDEL submits its observations to the Venice Commission on the Independence of the Judiciary in the Netherlands

ASSEDEL closely follows Venice Commission’s Opinion No. 1138\2023, which focuses on the independence of the judiciary in the Netherlands. ASSEDEL is of the opinion that this independence is the most significant barrier for liberties in democratic countries, and submits this letter to the Venice Commission in which it expresses its views on the subject. Its viewpoint highlights challenges to independence of the judiciary, including concerns related to discrimination in child benefits, tax evasion investigations, and nationalist policies in the upcoming elections. The refugee crisis is also a pressing concern. ASSEDEL emphasizes the need for a comprehensive approach to uphold the rule of law, even in a country known for its commitment to democratic values.

To read the full text, please click here.

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Council of EuropeSubmissions

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Council of EuropeSubmissions

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