ASSEDEL (L’Association européenne pour la défense des droits et des libertés) is a non-profit organisation, governed by its statutes, in accordance with articles 21 to 79-III of the local Alsace Moselle Civil Code relating to associations.

Its objective is to disseminate, promote and defend human rights and fundamental freedoms in the spirit of the European Convention on Human Rights, both within the Council of Europe system and at the local, national and international levels.

The organization guides and supports victims of human rights violations. 

Our association works with local and international partners, submits reports to worldwide organizations, informs the public and publishes opinion articles about human rights violations and humanitarian issues such as immigration, women’s rights, discrimination, new technologies, environment, children’s rights, education, freedom of speech, rule of law and democracy.

ASSEDEL is a European association that has been officially recognized and registered by the European Parliament under the TR ID number 417036145445-39.

ASSEDEL has obtained the status of a general interest organization in France, which allows it to issue tax receipts to its donors and members so that they can benefit from a tax reduction.

ASSEDEL, has been approved to host volunteers for the Service Civique, a voluntary commitment to a mission of public interest open to young people aged 16 to 25 for a duration of 8 months.