ASSEDEL Publishes 2023 Activity Report

ASSEDEL, a distinguished European NGO advocating for human rights, stands committed to defending civil liberties and fundamental freedoms across France and the wider European region. As we reflect on our activities over the past year, we are pleased to present a comprehensive overview encapsulating our endeavors and their impacts.

Our report is structured into six main sections, each delving into distinct facets of our work:

1. Submissions:

  • This section outlines our engagements with various international bodies, including the European Parliament, Council of Europe, and United Nations, where we have submitted reports, proposals, and observations to address human rights violations and promote effective policies.

2. European Court of Human Rights:

  • Stay updated on ASSEDEL’s involvement in various initiatives related to the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR), including legal representation, petition drafting, and participation in meetings with NGOs.
  • Learn about ASSEDEL’s efforts to raise awareness of human rights through social media and provide legal advice and translation services.

3. Legal and Aid Service for Migrants:

  • Learn about ASSEDEL’s commitment to providing legal assistance and support to migrants through its dedicated service.
  • Discover the range of legal services offered, including assistance with asylum applications, representation in legal proceedings, and advocacy for migrant rights.
  • Find resources and information on navigating legal processes, accessing social services, and addressing challenges faced by migrants in their host countries.

4. Opinions:

  • In this section, we offer thought-provoking opinion pieces contributed by individuals from various backgrounds. These articles provide critical insights and reflections on contemporary human rights challenges, contributing to broader discourse and awareness
  • Explore insightful opinion and analysis articles on various topics related to human rights and societal issues contributed by students, professors, and specialists from different countries.
  • Gain diverse perspectives on pressing issues such as hate speech, media freedom, and the right to education.

5. Events & Meetings:

  • Discover ASSEDEL’s active engagement with international bodies and organizations through meetings and conferences focused on democracy, human rights, and societal development.
  • Stay informed about past and upcoming events, including conferences, meetings with permanent representations, and participation in forums like the World Forum for Democracy.
  • Access informative webinars covering a wide range of current topics related to human rights and democracy, featuring expert speakers and discussions on pressing issues.
  • Learn about past webinars and stay tuned for announcements about upcoming sessions.
  • Our informative webinars serve as platforms for diverse perspectives on pressing human rights issues. By bringing together experts and stakeholders, we aim to foster dialogue and understanding on topics ranging from media freedom to constitutional reform.

6. ASSEDEL on Social Media:

  • We provide additional highlights and updates on our social media presence, including follower growth and engagement across platforms, reflecting our ongoing efforts to expand our reach and influence.
  • Follow ASSEDEL’s remarkable growth on various social media platforms, including Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter.
  • Engage with ASSEDEL’s content, including posts, videos, and updates on activities and initiatives.
  • Gain insights into ASSEDEL’s audience demographics, engagement rates, and follower growth trends over time.

We invite you to explore our annual report, which encapsulates our dedication to promoting and protecting human rights in Europe and beyond. Thank you for your interest and support.

To access the full report covering 2023, please click here.

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