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ASSEDEL conveyed its written comments on amendments to Rule 39 of the Rules of the Court to ECtHR

Upon the invitation of the Registrar of the Court, Mariena Tsirli, ASSEDEL submitted its written comments on the amendments to the interim measure procedure of the Court.

With regard to the proposed text of the Rule 39 circulated to ASSEDEL and the press release announcing by the Court, it has decided to make the following changes to the interim measure procedure:

  • Disclosure of the identity of the judges who render the decisions on interim measure requests;
  • Maintaining the practice of providing reasons for Rule 39 decisions on an ad hoc basis and issuing press statements where the circumstances of the cases so require;
  • Issuing formal judicial decisions to be sent to the parties;  Maintaining the established practice of adjourning the examination of the requests for
    interim measures and requesting the parties to submit information in those circumstances where the situation is not extremely urgent and where the information that the applicants could submit to the Court was not sufficient to enable the Court to examine the request.

To read our full comments, please click here.

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