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ASSEDEL’s Submission for the UN Universal Periodic Review of Italy

We are proud to announce that ASSEDEL (European Association for the Defence of Rights and Freedoms) has made its official submission for the United Nations Universal Periodic Review (UPR) for Italy, scheduled for the 48th session of the UPR Working Group in January 2025. This submission focuses on critical human rights issues, particularly refugees and women’s rights in Italy.

Our report sheds light on the concerning conditions in Italy’s Detention Centers for Repatriation (CPRs). We have documented serious human rights violations within these centers, highlighting the lack of legal protections for detainees, inadequate healthcare, and restricted contact with the outside world. The ineffectiveness of current repatriation policies and the frequent violation of the principle of non-refoulement are also critically examined. Furthermore, we emphasize the inhumane conditions within CPRs, including cases of mistreatment, inadequate mental health care, and the excessive use of psychotropic drugs.

In addressing violence and discrimination against women, our submission points out significant deficiencies in data collection on gender-based violence, which hampers effective response and policy-making. We critique the lack of long-term prevention strategies and underscore the urgent need for socio-cultural change to eliminate gender stereotypes and violence. Additionally, we highlight the inadequacy of anti-violence centers and shelters, particularly in Southern Italy, and stress the need for more resources and support for victims.

To read our full report, please click here.

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