Communication from the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention to Turkey

Regardless of professional group, reactions to the Erdogan government’s unlawful arrests in Turkey are coming to light day by day. Working Group on Arbitrary Detention of  OHCHR (United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner) has communicated arbitrary detentions of 42 people to Turkey on 10 November 2020.  

Here are the requests for information to be provided by the Turkish government :

“ As it is our responsibility, under the mandates provided to us by the Human Rights Council, to  seek to clarify all cases brought to our attention, we would be grateful for your observations on  the following matters:  

1. Please provide any additional information and any comment you may have on the above mentioned allegations.  

2. Please provide information on the factual and legal basis for the arrest and detention of the  above individuals, and how these measures are compatible with Turkey’s international  human rights obligations as set forth, inter alia, in the norms and standards referred to  above. In particular, please provide details about the evidence used as a basis for the  charges against them and how this complies with articles 9 and 14 of the ICCPR.  

3. Please provide the details, and where available the results, of any investigation, and judicial  or other inquiries carried out in relation to the allegations of torture and/or cruel, inhuman or  degrading treatment during arrest and while custody. If no inquiries have been initiated,  please explain why and how this is compatible with the international human rights  obligations of Turkey.  

4. Please provide us with information on the legal proceedings against these individuals and  their current status.  

5. Please provide detailed information about the measures taken by your Excellency’s  Government to effectively protect, in law, procedures and practice, individuals from ill treatment and torture while in police custody and subsequent detention.  

6. Please provide details on the measures taken to ensure the physical and mental integrity of  the above individuals while in detention, including any measures to ensure their access to  adequate healthcare.  

7. Please also explain what steps are being taken by your Excellency’s Government to address  the specific needs of pregnant women, nursing mothers as well as mother with infants or  children while in detention.

8. Please indicate what measures have been taken by your Excellency’s Government to ensure  that people are able to carry out their legitimate exercise of the right to peaceful assembly  and association in a safe and enabling environment, without fear, or threats or acts of  intimidation and harassment of any sort, in the full respect of their civil and political rights. ” 

You can read the full communication from here.

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